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Our Vision is a world in which children no longer have to work on landfill.

Across the world thousands of children live on landfill sites and rubbish dumps, surviving by scavenging. This global problem, resulting from mass production and consumption, continues to worsen as the production of waste is not sufficiently addressed by governments or the large corporations responsible for manufacturing it. At Small Steps Project we aim to alleviate some of the humanitarian consequences, by providing emergency aid and sustainable solutions to child scavengers and their families, helping them take small steps into a more healthy and dignified life.

Our strategy is to provide shoes for children to take small steps off the dumps.

Phase One: Connect

  Delivering  shoes and emergency aid allows us to collect statistical data on and protect little feet.

Phase Two: Sustain

 By assessing the  demographics on the dump , we can provide sustainable solutions, tailored to the needs  of our beneficiaries.


Our annual Celebrity Shoe Auction provides 50% of our funding. 100% is spent on shoes and aid. 


We deliver sustainable projects to keep children off the dumps, which are funded by grants.

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