James Purefoy

James has been the Celebrity Ambassador for the Small Steps Project since 2009 and we’re very honoured and grateful to have his continued support. He has raised vast funds and awareness by speaking on behalf of the charity. He is as compassionate as he is articulate and witty as well as  devilishly handsome. He has donated to our auction every single year. 

“What Small Steps have achieved is akin to a minor, but very beautiful, miracle. They have turned lives around. They are the embodiment of that lovely phrase ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. I am proud and humbled to be associated with them.”

James was spotted by Sir Nicholas Hytner in his final year at drama  school and cast as Ferdinand in his production of The Tempest at the  RSC. Over the next 2 years he performed in a number of productions  there, including MacBeth, King Lear, The Constant Couple and left with  18 different parts in his head. After performing all over the country for  the next 5 years in a wide variety of plays and at many different theatres  he moved into TV and Film. His big break in the UK came when he  played the lead role of Nick Jenkins in Channel 4’s Dance to the Music  of Time and became familiar to a global audience as Mark Antony in  HBO’s epic series Rome. He has been a regular presence on Television  ever since, starring in numerous productions both in the UK and in the  US including The Philanthropist, The Following, Altered Carbon, Sex  Education, Hap & Leonard, Marie-Antoinette and, most recently,  Malpractice for ITV. His Film credits include A Knight’s Tale, Resident  Evil, Vanity Fair, Solomon Kane, Ironclad, High Rise, John Carter of Mars  and Fisherman’s Friends 1 & 2. 



2023 donation

 Baskets plimsoll laced boots.

Brand: Paul Smith

Size: US 10 / UK 9