Matt Lucas

English comedian Matt Lucas is best known for playing the roles of Vicky Pollard and Bubbles Devere in the hit comedy series Little Britain, alongside David Walliams. Lucas has also starred in films, and famously played the role of Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the 2010 adaptation of children’s book Alice in Wonderland, which also starred Johnny Depp. He also appeared in the hilarious 2011 Hollywood movie Bridesmaids, and most recently he appeared as Nardole in the 10th series of “Doctor Who”.

2023 donation

White baby pumps with velcro fasteners. Red and Black Stripe details. Excellent condition. 

“I wore these shoes when I climbed up Everest in record time. I hope they bring you similar luck.

Brand: Cheerful Mario

Size: Baby 2